Tuesday, September 17

Here’s an article from Scientific American that tells the story of a “lost” study on fat done 40 years ago. The study was recently discovered and analyzed, and what it says may have changed the nutritional guidelines provided by the US government.

The study compared plant vs. animal fat and how those affected heart health and mortality.

“Analyzing the reams of old records, Ramsden and his team found, in line with the “diet-heart hypothesis,” that substituting vegetable oils lowered total blood cholesterol levels, by an average of 14 percent.

But that lowered cholesterol did not help people live longer. Instead, the lower cholesterol fell, the higher the risk of dying: 22 percent higher for every 30-point fall. Nor did the corn-oil group have less atherosclerosis or fewer heart attacks.”

This doesn’t necessarily prove that one thing is more healthy than the other, but it does show how we can’t make completely informed decisions without having all of the data. Like how we were told for years to avoid saturated fats.

There are lots of studies on nutrition that seems to prove opposite things. It depends on how these studies were performed and analyzed and sometimes personal biases can get in the way.

And unfortunately, when studies like this get buried, we don’t have all of the information. Then the government and health organizations are making recommendations based on limited data.

The point is that we are still learning about nutrition and how things affect us. Be careful just reading headlines or listening to mainstream media. They love a catchy headline that makes a bold claim, but in the end, those things usually aren’t true or only represent half of the story.

Do your research and find sources you trust. And as usual, stick to real food that’s as unprocessed as possible and you’ll probably be ok.

Records Found in Dusty Basement Undermine Decades of Dietary Advice

Workout for Tuesday, September 17
15 min Not For Time
5X5 Single Arm DB Rows
Superset with
5X5 Single Arm DB Strict Press

3 Rounds for Time
Run 1 Lap
15 American KB Swings (53/35)
9 Pull Ups

CrossFit 616