Monday, September 23

We have big sets of toes to bar in the workout today so you are going to want to be as efficient as possible - just like always!

In order to be efficient at toes to bar you need tension. As the post below says, “Tension = Power = More Efficiency.”

Check out the example of the kipping toes to bar, first with tension and then without. You can see the leg bend in the backswing of the second example. It’s easy to see how the loss of tension in the lower body effects power in the upper body. Much less control of the movement means you’re working harder on each rep just to stay close enough to get the toes to the bar.

At the end they demonstrate a drill with a band to help feel tension in the swing. I’d recommend trying this only with a coach at first so you make sure you’re doing it safely, but it might help you feel the difference between a swing with tension and without.

Hopefully seeing these two next to each other helps you understand that while similar, even small changes in movement can make you more or less efficient. And efficiency will make you workouts easier, so why wouldn’t you want that?

Workout for Monday, September 23
20 min AMRAP
19 Cal Row
19 Wall Balls (20# to 10' / 14# to 9')
19 T2B

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