Thursday, August 15

“Practice doesn’t make perfect. Perfect practice makes perfect.”

I’ve heard this phrase a lot over the years and I get the gist of it, but I’ve never really thought about exactly what it means. I mean, if you can practice something perfectly then you probably don’t need to work on it anymore, right?

But it’s not really talking about doing the task at hand perfectly, it’s telling us to take our practice seriously and with intention. Don’t settle for going through the motions.

In the TED Talk below pianist Claire Tueller talks about her approach to “perfect practice.” She outlines three points that we can all use to get better at practicing and mastering whatever it is we want to achieve.

If you want to get better at a skill we do in CrossFit you need to put in the work. You need to stop worrying about how much weight is on the bar and get the movement right first. Then do it over and over again until it's easy. Then you can add weight and go faster.

Sounds a lot like Mechanics, Consistency, Intensity, right?

Check out her tips for getting the most out of your practice and try to apply these principles to whatever you want to get better at.

Workout for Thursday, August 15
Min 1) 10 Cal Bike
Min 2) 60 Double Unders or 45 sec DU Practice
Min 3) 14 Plate Twists - Slow and Controlled
MIn 4) 5 Touch and Go Power Cleans (155/105)
Min 5) 45 sec High Plank Hold

CrossFit 616
Wednesday, August 14

The OUTWOD is one month away! If you want to come workout, hang out, or bring a friend to try CrossFit in the most inclusive environment, please register here! All proceeds from the registration go directly to the OUT Foundation and local youth shelter HQ.

This event is open to everyone so please share it on social media and tell your friends and family! We have some great raffle prizes coming in already from New Holland Brewing, Funky Buddha, Dr. Theresa Osmer, the Civic Theatre, and more!

Use the image above on Facebook and Instagram and let people know about the first OUTWOD in Grand Rapids! And if you can’t make it you can still donate to these great causes here.

Join the Facebook event page to follow along for more updates!

Workout for Wednesday, August 14
Overhead Squat - Working from Rack
*Building Up in Weight w/ Good Depth and Position

5 Rounds
9 Power Snatches (95/65)
9 Ring Dips

CrossFit 616
Tuesday, August 13

The annual Tubing Trip is coming up - reserve your spot today!

We are floating down the Muskegon River on Saturday, August 24. We'll head to Salmon Run Campground in Newaygo right after the CrossFit class that morning. Be at the campground by 11:30 am!

If you want to tube with us, call (231) 834-5494 to reserve and pay for your spot in the CrossFit 616 group. Don’t wait, space is limited!

The trip usually takes about 3 hours and it costs $16 to reserve a tube. Feel free to bring your significant other!

There is a sign up sheet at the gym so we can get an idea on how many are coming and who to look for when we get there, but YOU have to call and reserve your spot.

Workout for Tuesday, August 13

2X4 @ 75% to 80%

2X3 @ 80% to 85%

2X2 @ 85% to 90%

7 min AMRAP

5 Burpees

10 Russian KB Swings (70/53)

CrossFit 616
Monday, August 12

Here’s a great video from The Gymnastics Course on butterfly chest-to-bar pull ups. You can see that she gets her hips very high and that helps keep her arms straight as long as possible before pulling into the bar. This is a great, efficient chest-to-bar pull up. But is it for everyone?

If you read the caption on the post you’ll see that they DO NOT recommend this skill for everyone. There is quite a bit of prerequisite strength required for a movement like this to maintain position and keep your shoulders healthy.

Just because a skill looks cool or seems faster doesn’t mean it’s for you. At least not yet. The Gymnastics Course lays out pretty strict guidelines to follow before attempting butterfly chest-to-bar.

“We definitely do NOT recommend this skill for the majority of athletes because it requires a tremendous amount of:
1.Strict Pull-Up Strength
2.Body Awareness for Control & Timing
3.Healthy Shoulders!
4.Spatial Awareness

Do NOT do this skill if you don’t have:
1.At least 5-8 SLOW controlled pull-ups with a 3 count eccentric (in a row) to demonstrate to a coach that you have understanding of how to stay “active” in the shoulder muscles during the bottom of the skill.
2.Complete proficiency with 15-20 kipping pull-ups”

It’s easy to get caught up and want to try the skills you see people doing in the CrossFit Games or in the gym, but stop and think about who is doing them and how much experience they have. Some people can make very difficult skills look easy, and that is a trap! Don’t fall for it. Stick to real progressions and hold yourself to the standard of high quality movement. Your body will thank you and you’ll feel better!

Workout for Monday, August 12
Kipping Practice
Kipping Swings
Kipping Pull Ups
Kipping C2B

For Time:
Run 400m
21 DB Thrusters (50/35)
21 C2B Pull ups
Run 400m
15 DB Thrusters
15 C2B Pull ups
Run 400m
9 DB Thrusters
9 C2B Pull Ups

CrossFit 616
Friday, August 9

Burpees anyone? What should we call these and can we try them soon? Happy Friday, y,all!

Workout for Friday, August 9
20 min AMRAP
Run 400m
30 Burpees
30 Double Unders
Run 400m
30 Thrusters (95/65)
30 Double Unders

CrossFit 616
Thursday, August 8

Following up on yesterday’s post on learning from challenging moments in our lives, here’s a post about Mat Fraser’s comeback after a devastating physical injury.

“We need our hardships and setbacks, it makes us stronger. Every setback is a set up for a comeback. Use it to come back better than before. Celebrate the adversity. Don’t focus on what you can’t do, find love in what you GET to do. Let it hold your arm up in triumph!”

Read the caption for the full story.

View this post on Instagram

𝙈𝙤𝙫𝙚𝙢𝙚𝙣𝙩 𝙞𝙨 𝙖 𝙂𝙞𝙛𝙩 In CrossFit, we get to see the power of the human spirit. The innate nature to triumph over hardship, to show resilience, and to fight through pain and discomfort are my favorite things about CrossFit. As much as we focus on moving forward and how we compare to others, please don’t forget how far you have come and that the ability to move is a gift. On the left is @mathewfras after he broke his back in two places and had surgery to put 2 plates and 6 screws on the vertebrae in his lower back. Doctors told him he would not be active again let alone train and compete as and with the #FittestonEarth. On the right is Mat after cleaning 380lbs at The 2019 CrossFit Games! We need our hardships and setbacks, it makes us stronger. Every setback is a set up for a comeback. Use it to come back better than before. Celebrate the adversity. Don’t focus on what you can’t do, find love in what you GET to do. Let it hold your arm up in triumph! . 🌷 💀 ⏳ 𝘎𝘙𝘐𝘛 | 𝘊𝘏𝘈𝘙𝘈𝘊𝘛𝘌𝘙 | 𝘎𝘙𝘈𝘛𝘐𝘛𝘜𝘋𝘌 | 𝘚𝘌𝘙𝘝𝘐𝘊𝘌 _______________________________________________ #TheSisuWay #healthiswealth #vulnerabilityisstrength #strengthisachoice #getupstrong #beunconquerable #mindfulwarrior #unconquerablesoul #sisu #crossfitgames #matfraser #mathewfraser #hwpo #hardworkpaysoff

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Workout for Thursday, August 8
Front Squat
2X3 @ 80%
1X5 @ 70%
1X7 @ 60%

7 min AMRAP
2 - 4 - 6 - 8 - 10...continue adding 2 reps each round
Power Cleans (115/85)

CrossFit 616
Wednesday, August 7

I heard the following question on a podcast the other day: “What negative experience, one that you would not wish to repeat, has most profoundly changed you for the better?”

I’ve been thinking about this for myself and I’m not sure I know the answer yet, but it’s definitely worth thinking about. How do the challenges in your life make you stronger?

It’s so hard to see any positive coming from bad situations while you are in the midst of them, but I guarantee when you look back after a certain amount of time you can find something good that came from it.

You don’t need to recognize it right away. There’s a certain amount of grieving and sadness that everyone is allowed during tough times. But I believe that if we can look back on those situations and figure out how they changed us for the better, the next challenge may not seem so daunting.

Just like challenging your physical self in the gym makes you stronger for the next physical challenge in life, mental and emotional challenges can strengthen you as well. Don’t let the opportunity to learn and grow slip by.

Can you think of an answer to that question?

Workout for Wednesday, August 7
For Time
Run 800m
Rest 2 min
Run 1 Lap
Rest 2 min
Run 400m
Rest 2 min
Run 1 Lap
Rest 2 min
Run 800m

*For total time including rest
*30 min Cap

CrossFit 616
Tuesday, August 6

Every year when I watch the CrossFit Games I feel the need to remind myself, and everyone else, that the sport of CrossFit and what we do in a CrossFit gym every day are different things. That’s ok. We can still be really fit without trying to be professional athletes and train all day.

However, there are some things about competing that can be very valuable to your training and mindset.

We need to test ourselves from time to time. That doesn’t mean every workout every day, but it’s great to sign up for a competition or a race to see where you are in your fitness journey. It’s just a test of your progress at that specific moment in time. It doesn’t mean your worse or better than anyone or any other time in your life. It just shows you where you are right at that exact moment. And guess what? If you don’t like where you stand, you can change it.

That’s why testing and competing can be so valuable. You get to really learn something about yourself. Maybe it’s not just the physical. Maybe you learned your mind is stronger than you thought. Maybe you learned that you are a great teammate and can help others stay focused and positive.

I hope you’ll try competing sometime. It doesn’t have to be CrossFit, but I do think there is value in it. And you don’t have to do anything to be “ready” to compete. You just do it. You are ready right now!

The Open competition for the 2020 CrossFit Games begins October 10!

Workout for Tuesday, August 6
Pull Up Progressions

For Time
Buy In with 400m Run
5 Rounds
20 Air Squats
15 American KB Swings (53/35)
10 Push Ups
Cash Out with 400m Run

CrossFit 616
Monday, August 5

The best rowing technique for calories is the best rowing technique. Yes, you read that right. Rowing with the best technique possible, and being as efficient as possible, is the best way to row. Always. For calories and for meters.

If you row as efficiently as possible you will generate more calories per hour over the course of the row. That's the way you get the most calories as fast as possible for you.

Just because you aren't generating the same output as the person next to you doesn't mean you are necessarily doing something wrong. Rowing favors bigger people and the reward may show up more during a calorie row versus a distance row, but in the end, there's nothing you can do about it.

Well, there's one thing you can do - get better at rowing. If your technique is off or if you just need to build your engine, you can improve your rowing.

Check out the video for the full explanation. And please stop changing technique or thinking there's some magic setting for calories versus meters.

Workout for Monday, August 5
5 Working Sets
3 Strict Press + 6 Push Press

For Time:
100 Cal Row
100 Burpees
*Partition However You Please

CrossFit 616
Friday, August 2

Here’s some cool weightlifting videos I saw this week. First up, American Wes Kitts wins gold at the 2019 Pan American Games in Lima, Peru earlier this week. He knew if he made this lift (477 lbs), which was a weight he’s hit plenty of times, he’d win. Pretty great to see the emotion on his face and his coach’s reaction when he makes it. (No sound unfortunately)

Second, here’s a comparison of two of the best in the world. You can see that their techniques are not identical, but they do all the major things the same. So while your technique might not look exactly like the person next to you, there are principles of the lifts that apply to everyone. Read the caption for more explanation.

Workout for Friday, August 2
On a Running Clock
Min 0 to 10
Row 500m or Ride 1.0 km
Run 800m
Row 500m or Ride 1.0 km*
Min 10 to 20
Establish 1 Rep Max Power Clean
At Min 20, For Time:
Run 1 Mile
50 Burpees

*Row ONCE and Bike ONCE.

CrossFit 616
Thursday, August 1

What Fear Can Teach Us. That’s the title of the TED Talk below, in which Karen Thompson Walker discusses how fear can trigger great creativity and we can use that to our advantage.

Our fears make us create stories. We tell ourselves wild tales of what might happen. We ask ourselves, “What happens next?”

Humans are the only creatures capable of thinking about the future in this way. We create the stories of what might happen if our fears come true. As she says in the video, we are the authors of our stories.

But, she also points out that we are the readers of our stories. And how we choose to interpret them can have a profound effect on our lives.

Do you have irrational fears? Do you have rational fears that you have trouble managing? You don’t have to live without fear, but learning to read it properly and manage it can change it from negative to something you can use to your advantage.

She points out that many successful business leaders use something called “productive paranoia.” And they use their fears to prepare for the worse and be ready for any situation.

I think that’s something we can all learn from. Recognize your fears. Remember that you are the author and the reader of the story that comes from them. Use that story to your advantage. Take charge of your fears and make them work for you!

Watch the whole video for more ways to better read and understand your fears. And thanks Leara for the tip on this video!

Workout for Thursday, August 1
20 min AMRAP
1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6...
Rounds of Cindy
Bike 1.0 km

1 Round of Cindy is:
5 Pull Ups
10 Push Ups
15 Air Squats

CrossFit 616
Wednesday, July 31

Saw this Instagram post in my feed and wanted to share it because it’s something us coaches talk about all of the time. Where does motivation come from?

We post “motivational” stuff on the blog all of the time. I see “motivational” posts on social media constantly? But do those things actually motivate anyone to make a real change?

Even if we can’t motivate someone to change, maybe we can influence someone to start making better choices. Maybe that post will cause you to make one small change in your diet or activity.

However, the motivation has to come from within. We’ll keep trying and continue giving you as many tools as possible, but in the end, you have to want it.

Workout for Wednesday, July 30
Single Arm Strict Press - Half Kneel Position
5X5 on Each Arm
*Increase Weight Each Set as Able.

12 min AMRAP
2 - 4 - 6 - 8 - 10 - 12... Continue Increasing By 2 Each Round
Deadlifts (225/155)
Burpees Over the Barbell
Run 1 Lap

CrossFit 616
Tuesday, July 30

This Wednesday is Wednesday FriendsDay! Bring a friend to any class to try CrossFit for the first time!

The CrossFit Games start this week! I’m not sure what they’re gonna look like this year or what the best way to watch will be but I’m hoping for the best.

If you like watching the sport of CrossFit check out the Games site for info and the leaderboard. If I hear anything about how to watch I’ll make sure to post it.

Here’s a link to the schedule, which doesn’t show much at the time I’m writing this, but I am sure info will start filling in soon.

Remember, the sport of CrossFit is very different than CrossFit the fitness program. Be inspired by these athletes and how fit they are, but don’t think you need to train like them. You can be very fit and healthy by doing CrossFit one hour a day, but that’s different than trying to be a professional athlete.

But I do think watching the Games is fun and if you’ve even tried one CrossFit workout you’ll have a great appreciation of what these athletes can do!

Workout for Tuesday, July 30
25 min Not For Time Work
5 Sets of Each Exercise - Rotate Through However You Please
50' Plank Position Sled Pull
Max Set of Unbroken Strict Chin Ups
5 Reps of Heavy Object Squats w/ 2 sec Pause in Bottom
*Banded Chin Ups or Reverse Grip Bar Rows

Jump Rope Practice in Remaining Class Time

CrossFit 616
Monday, July 29

OUTWOD Registration is live! This is a community event to reach out to everyone in West Michigan to show them there is a safe, inclusive place to get fit and make friends with similar goals. This is not limited to CrossFit 616 members or CrossFitters in general so feel free to invite your friends and family.

The OUTWOD is on Saturday, September 14 at 9:30 am - it will take the place of our normal CrossFit class. The OUTWOD will be a team workout similar to what we do on Saturdays, but hopefully we will have some people working out with us for the first time.

There is $20 early bird registration for the OUTWOD until August 17, then it goes up to $30. Those proceeds go to the OUT Foundation and local organization HQ.

FYI, the CrossFit 616 Pride shirts are being sold to benefit these organizations, but the purchase of that shirt is not a registration for the OUTWOD on September 14.

Most of the day is coming together, but we are still looking for raffle items. If you have anything or know of any groups/businesses that could donate prizes please let us know.

If you can’t make it on September 14 you can donate to the event here:

Register now and join the 616 team and start fundraising. You don’t have to join the team - your funds will still get to the 616 group, but you can create your own fundraising page if you want.

We’re very excited to bring this event to Grand Rapids for the first time! Hope to see you on September 14!

Workout for Monday, July 29
Overhead Squat Practice
1 Power Snatch + 2 Overhead Squats
Rest 2 min, Increase Weight
1 Power Snatch + 2 Overhead Squats
*Keep it light, PRACTICING best Overhead Squats!

5 Rounds for Time
12 T2B
12 Overhead Squats (95/65)

CrossFit 616
Friday, July 26
CrossFit 616
Thursday, July 25

Are you a leaderboarder? Are you always checking the scoreboard to see how you did compared to everyone else?

The scoreboard/whiteboard can be great for motivation, but you should never let it dictate how you feel about a workout. Only you know how hard you tried and the scoreboard has nothing to do with that.

Also, one workout doesn’t mean a thing when it comes to your lifelong pursuit of fitness. And since there is no end to that journey, you can’t get too high or low about one workout. Look at the big picture!

In Ben Bergeron’s podcast he discusses leaderboarding and how they try to avoid it in CrossFit competitions, but more importantly, how we should avoid it in life.

These days there are metrics in front of us all the time on how many likes we get or how many followers we have. We see everyone’s best version of themselves on Instagram and it gives us a false sense of reality. We start comparing ourselves to the “perfect” lives we see online.

Avoiding these influences can be tough so we really need to think about what success in life looks like to us. How are you measuring your success? Is it your paycheck or your CrossFit scores?

Watch the podcast below for more on how the scoreboard is lying to you. The first 10 minutes is about avoiding the scoreboard in competition, then they get into the real life stuff.

Workout for Thursday, June 25
For Time
Buy In with 800m Run
42 - 30 - 18
Pull Ups
Push Ups
Box Jumps (24/20)
*Mandatory Step Down on Box Jumps
Cash Out with 800m Run

CrossFit 616
Wednesday, July 24

More wisdom from Jason Khalipa - You can’t skip steps!

We see it here all the time, you want a muscle up, a new one-rep max back squat, double unders, etc…, but all of those things take a lot of time and work to achieve.

We start people here on a beginner strength progression to build a base and hammer down the technique before we even think about maxing out. If you want to try a muscle up you’ll hear us ask “how many pull ups and dips can you do?”

It’s easy to see people that have been training a while make high-level skills look easy, but trust me, they put in their time.

Don’t skip steps in the gym or life. Learn to enjoy the process and learn along the way. You’ll be better in the end!

Workout for Wednesday, July 24
Pause Front Squats - 2 sec Pause in Bottom
2X3 @ 60% to 65%
2X2 @ 70% to 75%
2X1 @ 80% to 85%

12 min AMRAP
9 KB Sumo Deadlift High Pulls (70/53)
7 Goblet Squats
Run 100m

CrossFit 616
Tuesday, July 23

This Saturday we will hold the 9:30 am class at the Briggs Park track! Weightlifting and Elements are moving up 15 minutes to 8 am so we can get to the track by 9:30. Still sign up in advance for this class please!

Here’s a great follow up story from James Starks, WZZM reporter and 616 member, about Lauren Ziegler’s recovery from her stroke. If you haven’t heard of Cori and Tom’s new venture, Thank You For My Fitness, you’ll see how that organization is helping raise money for local charities including Mary Free Bed, where Lauren began her recovery.

Check out the video and go visit Thank You For My Fitness!

Workout for Tuesday, July 23
Weighted Pull Ups
3 - 3 - 2 - 2 - 1
*Scale Options:
Weighted Negatives
Banded Strict Pull Ups
Increasing Difficulty Bar Rows

5 Rounds for Time
5 Hang Clean and Jerks (135/95)
40 Double Unders

CrossFit 616
Monday, July 22

Remember that this Thursday, July 25 we will NOT have the 7 pm CrossFit class. We are closing early for coaches training. Thanks and we promise to learn and improve to help you be better athletes!

Amelia Boone is an obstacle course racing world champ and ultra marathoner. She is a runner at the top of her game, but a week ago she revealed to the world she has been battling an eating disorder for 20 years. She wrote a blog post on her website discussing her battle with anorexia and how she finally decided to get treatment for the disease.

I really hope you give this article a read. It’s shocking to hear that a world-class athlete has issues with food, but that is the point. Eating disorders and mental health issues don’t all look the same. If you struggle with food, addiction, or other mental health issues there is help out there.

I could go on summarizing her story, but she does a much better job of telling it.

The reality is while I no longer defined my world around my eating disorder identity, for all of those years, I hadn’t let go of it fully. I hung on to disordered thoughts and eating habits. The only difference now was that I had sport to fixate on instead. And I was at the top of the obstacle racing world. I was a “normal” BMI, I was muscular, and I was winning every race, so it was easy to minimize my disordered relationship with food. It was easy to compartmentalize the thoughts and say, “Hush, I’ll deal with you later,” or to think that there actually wasn’t a problem because I was performing so well. It was OK to have a different diet or eating patterns because “I was an athlete.” It was OK to compare my body to other female athletes on the start line and to covet their abs, because that’s just “what women do.” It was acceptable to dehydrate myself and starve myself before cover shoots was part of the gig. As long as I was competing and winning, “just managing” with food didn’t seem like that big of a deal. I was getting away with it. So clearly, there was no problem.

Until there was. 

Take a few minutes to read the full post and if you need help, please seek it out or ask us for help finding someone.

Workout for Monday, July 22
Pause Barbell Strict Press
1 sec Pause Overhead + 1 sec Pause in Bottom
*Build Up in Weight Maintaining Pauses

3 Rounds for Time
Run 1 Lap
25 Wall Balls (20# to 10' / 14# to 9')
Run 1 Lap
Rest 2 min
*16 min Time Cap

CrossFit 616
Friday, July 19

“If you are going to spend the time exercising make sure you are performing high quality movements. Take off your headphones, concentrate on your body. Think about every area of it. Try moving very slow and controlled! Will you be able to lift as much weight? Probably not. But drop the ego and focus on quality of quantity. Your body will thank you now and in the future.”

This quote is from the Instagram post by Move U below. Watch the video. Read the full caption to understand the differences in the two sides. Focus on quality.

And yes, hopefully the puppy sucked you in enough to watch and read the whole thing!

View this post on Instagram

💪Bent Over Rows💪 Walk into any traditional gym and you are likely to see someone doing this exercise. Are they doing it well? Probably not. We see people destroy themselves with this exercise. Tag someone who could use this! ⁣ ⁣ Let’s compare these images starting with the head and neck. On the left you see a neutral neck position and he’s using the muscles to stay in alignment. On the right you see the neck flexed and the head falling down below the rest of the body. Looking at the shoulders you see powerful shoulders with the scapula in a great position on the left. On the right the blades are winging and the shoulders are collapsing. ⁣ ⁣ Looking at the torso you will see a strong, engage core on the left. His ribs are not thrusting and are in line with his hips. On the right his core is floppy and relaxed. On the left you see a nice clean hip hinge where the lower back is staying neutral. On the right you see his lower back rounding. ⁣ ⁣ If you are going to spend the time exercising make sure you are performing high quality movements. Take off your headphones, concentrate on your body. Think about every area of it. Try moving very slow and controlled! Will you be able to lift as much weight? Probably not. But drop the ego and focus on quality of quantity. Your body will thank you now and in the future. ⁣ ⁣ 💻Written by Katie Goss @MoveUKatie⁣ ▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃⁣ 💯 Did you know we have an online program?! The MoveU program has helped thousands of people around the world! Learn more, and begin improving today at, or simply click the link in our bio. 💯⁣ ⁣ #MoveU #Exercise #Fitness #CorrectiveExercise #PersonalTrainer #PhysicalTherapist #Chiropractor #LMT #MassageTherapist #NASM #ACE #ISSA #Massage #Gym #Workout #Athlete #Motivation #BodyHack #GoldsGym #24HourFitness #LAFitness #Pilates #Yoga #Weights⁣

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Workout for Friday, July 19
Push Press - Work from a Rack

*Build Up in Weight as Reps Decrease
Min 1) 100m Run
Min 2) 15 Air Squats + 10 Push Ups
Min 3) Single Arm DB Strict Press - 8 Reps Each Arm

CrossFit 616