If you would like to join CrossFit 616 please click below to set up your free trial class. After you try it, and if you decide that CrossFit is right for you, you can join our CrossFit Elements class. In this class you will learn the nine foundational movements for CrossFit and many of the other movements that we incorporate into our workouts. CrossFit Elements classes emphasize moving safely and learning the movements correctly before adding intensity. Time will be taken to learn the movements we perform in CrossFit while getting in a great workout. Once movement patterns are mastered members will be able to graduate to the regular CrossFit classes with the approval of a CrossFit 616 coach. There is a minimum of eight one-hour classes required. There are five scheduled Element classes a week:

Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday - 7pm
Thursday - 8:30am
Saturday - 8:15am

CrossFit Elements monthly price: $130

If you can not attend the CrossFit Elements class but would like to join CrossFit, please contact us at or 616-780-8595 to discuss other options.