We're more than just CrossFit. We offer a variety of programs to help you reach your goals in strength, conditioning, nutrition and more.



Constantly varied, functional movement done at high intensity. That's the textbook definition of CrossFit. What it really means is that we use a variety of movements and methods to get you in the best shape possible while staying healthy and having a great time.



CrossFit 616 is home to West Michigan Barbell, an official USA Weightlifting club. We have two USAW coaches who can help you prepare for a weightlifting meet or improve your snatch, clean and jerk to help you in CrossFit.


Personal Training

Whether you need help developing a specific skill, improving your lifting technique, or increasing mobility we can help. We have coaches trained in CrossFit, weightlifting, mobility and more to help you reach your goals.


Sports Performance

This program is designed for youth athletes of any sport. We teach the fundamentals of strength, speed, agility and more to help them maximize their potential in their sport. The primary focus is on proper technique and movement quality so they can continue to train without pain or injury for their entire career.


Fueling Activity Nutrition

Eat better, perform better. Let us guide you with the correct nutrition plan for your activity levels. Join the group or get a completely customized plan!